Welcome to Deal and Blackheath Homeopathy and Reflexology

Thank you for visiting my website My name is Jodie Milsom and I am a fully qualified Homeopath and Reflexologist

Did you know… ? Homeopathy is one of the two most widely used forms of medicine today and is currently the first choice of medicine for 500 million people Worldwide ( WHO Figures)

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that offers the ability to balance our health in a gentle yet profound way and move us  forward into vitality. It supports both adults, babies and children and can be used safely during pregnancy. Homeopathy helps with everyday problems such as coughs and colds and can also rebalance chronic, long term conditions  such as, the effects of long covid, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, eczema, asthma, migraines, digestive problems and many more conditions. It works by boosting the Immune system therefore enabling our minds and bodies to funtion better physically and emotionally, returning us to good health naturally and effectively.

Homeopathic medicine is prescribed on a set of symptoms and the unique experience the symptoms have on each patient. Every prescription is tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient.