Taking Remedies

Simple guidelines for taking Homeopathy

These guidelines allow the maximum effectiveness of homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies need be taken in a clean mouth. Allow 10-15 minutes, either side of eating or drinking, in order for the remedies to be easily absorbed. Suck the remedy for a while before crunching/chewing.

Try not to handle the remedies more than necessary. Only handle remedies for your own personal use.  Use a teaspoon if administering remedies to another person/baby.

In the treatment of babies and small children, dissolvable tablets are available which can be placed directly in the mouth or dissolved in a little water.

Store your remedies away from direct sunlight and strong odours, and store in their original containers. Never re-use a discarded container for another Homeopathic remedy.


Strong substances, such as mint, coffee, menthol or eucalyptus products, have been known to antidote Homeopathic remedies. Please try not to  use these products too much if possible during your treatment and avoid them  10-15 minutes either side of taking your remedies.