Please use the links below for useful information.

Local Alternative Health Practitioners – Deal Kent

Maisie Burke –  PACHAMAMA Hypnobirthing & Doula  Tel:07967323114

Peppers Health Food Shop Deal 115  High Street, Deal  CT14 6BB  01304 375349

Local Alternative Health Practitioners – South East London

John Hemmington – Osteopath Blackheath

Julie Adam – Yoga Instructor specializing in pregnancy yoga Blackheath

Practice Yoga – Yoga classes Blackheath

Neal’s Yard Remedies – Provides large range of herbs and over the counter homeopathy –  Blackheath 020 8318 6655

Oksana Kozak – Acupuncturist Blackheath

Further Information on Homeopathy

The Society of Homeopaths – the largest organisaiton in Europe representing professional homeopaths

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Helios Pharmacy – Homeopathic pharmacy offering exceptional list of homeopathic remedies. Helios also offer a very efficient next day delivery service

Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy

Serpentina Books – Online homeopathic bookshop

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons

Vaccination Information

The Green Book” – UK Governmental recommendations for childhood vaccines

The Informed Parent – Information for parents looking into the saftey the effectiveness of childhood vaccines

Vaccine Risk Awareness Network – Provides up-to-date information and support for parents choosing not to vaccinate their children

Dr Jayne LM Donegan – Jayne is a GP and homeopath with special interests in vaccination, health promotion and the practical treatment of childhood and adult infectious diseases

JABS – The support group for vaccine damaged children

An Educated Decision – Christina Head presents information on how homeopathy can be used to create health in unvaccinated children

Think Twice – Global vaccine institute encourages an uncensored exchange of vaccine information, supporting the right to accept or reject vaccination

Yes or No – Information book for parents whom are deciding  whether or not to vaccinate their child. Book can be purchased from Serpentina (as above) or Amazon

NHS Advice – NHS advice on vaccination and immunisation

Other Useful Links

What Doctors Don’t Tell You – Research based journal

The Green Parent – Eco-friendly information for parents

Neals Yard Remedies – Provides large range of herbs and over the counter homeopathy – Blackheath branch – 020 8318 6655

Healthy House – Products helping to reduce allergies and promote natural alternative products

Homeopathic Medicine: Europe’s #1 Alternative for Doctors – Research Paper on Homeopathy in Europe and the world