‘I have been receiving successful homeopathic treatment with Jodie for around 16 years. Jodie is someone who I very much trust with my health and the health of my family. She has genuine concern for the good health of her patients. I use homeopathy to treat myself regularly, and I can honestly say that I’ve never looked back. I feel very fortunate and lucky to have been given the opportunity to explore and understand core issues of my overall health. I would highly recommend Jodie to all my family, friends and acquaintances.’

CR, Hythe Kent

I have been a patient of Jodie’s for over 16 years, and I have found her to be very professional, loyal and a genuinely nice lady.  She has helped me using homeopathy through some very tough times.  I honestly don’t know where I would be without her and the support of homeopathy. I would recommend Jodie and homeopathy to anybody.

Anne M, 26th November 2021

Jodie has looked after me for the last fourteen years.  She is able to combine the treatment of physical illness with personal and emotional needs seamlessly. I am extremely glad she was recommended to me all those years ago.

J A, Kent

I have known Jodie for many years, she has treated both my teenage son and myself throughout this time.

Her skills have been invaluable:  she always takes the time to really listen, she challenges one to go deeply and thus find what ‘sits’ behind any ailment, always striving to find the best remedy possible. She has helped me to find my own strength throughout the years and successfully treated difficult conditions such as pelvic congestion and acid reflux without the need for other strong medication, though she never advised me against anything else that would help. She has been there for emergencies and anything else that I needed, her presence is priceless.

Klio, London

I have consulted Jodie for many years now since my first son was only a few months old. She has successfully helped us through skin and breathing problems, teething, colds and fevers. Jodie has always been available when we needed her help, and I feel I can always trust her judgment. She is a very kind and understanding person, and experienced practitioner. She has been a very important support for us with our two little boys!

J C, London

 I first discovered Homeopathy when I was pregnant with my first child who is now 18. Jodie has been my homeopath for most of that time. If I have any health queries I  usually go to Jodie first for her opinion. She was fantastic with my children when they were small sometimes asked them to draw pictures if they couldn’t quite explain how they felt. Jodie has supported my whole family and definitely has helped me personally through some emotional and physical ups and downs. I never hesitate to recommend her to others. Homeopathy is a wonderful therapy and Jodie is a wonderful homeopath.

Emma T, Rochester Kent

Jodie has been treating my kids since they were toddlers and has been a source of great reassurance throughout some trying times with childhood bugs and illnesses. My daughter was prone to regular chest infections and at one point was given an inhaler by our GP. I’m very glad to say we never had to use it and opted for homeopathy. Now about to turn 9, she hasn’t had a chest infection for quite a few years which I attribute to the long term impact of homeopathy. Homeopathy is now proving invaluable as my daughter approaches the early stages of puberty and has entirely different needs to when she was younger – homeopathy is now helping to support her emotional well-being rather than just her physical. 

My son has had some inexplicable skin conditions over the years. We would walk out of the GP after 5 minutes with a doctor armed with prescriptions for creams we couldn’t pronounce. After many months and in fact years of work with Jodie, I came to realise that my son’s skin reactions had nothing to do with allergies or similar and instead were a sign of internal emotional imbalances which we were able to partly treat with homeopathy alongside some other therapy.

Homeopathy is a fascinating process. I don’t always understand it but I love how personal it is and I can see its impact on the health of my children who have never missed a day of their primary school education due to ill health.

I can’t recommend Jodie highly enough and we’re so grateful to continue to work with her even though we’ve moved away from the area.

A Grey, Northumberland

I have been Jodie’s patient for many years now and her humaneness, kindness, her counsel and support, homeopathic remedies prescribed have been crucial for me at times of great distress both psychological, emotional and physical many times. Especially so during my recent diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It helped me to cope when there a was a long wait for examinations and the treatment. It  helped me to tolerate radiotherapy and chemotherapy  better than expected by medical professionals.

I R, Ashford Kent