If you are at all uncertain about whether Homeopathy or Reflexology is the right therapy for you, I offer a free twenty minute meeting or phone consultation to enable you to discuss any questions you may have, therefore enabling you to decide whether Homeopathy or Reflexology is suitable for you.

When you make your first Homeopathic appointment, prior to your initail consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed Patient Questionarre. This information is needed to help with your presciption alongside your face to face or Zoom consulation. If booking for Reflexology there is a small consulation form completed at the time of your initial consultation.

During your initail Homeopathic consulatation it is a time for you to talk about and highlight any issues you are having. I will ask questions about your condition and gather information about you in general, in order for me to understand what is effecting you and how it would be best treated .

All questions allow your prescription to be tailored to your own individual needs. Every aspect of your emotional and physical well being is taken into account. This process explains why two people with similar, or seemingly identical, conditions may be prescribed different remedies. The most effective way of prescribing, is for me to fully understand your ailments, and how they effect you along with your general symptoms.

Initial adult consultations  1hr 30 mins-2 hours £95.00
Adult follow-up appointments 1 hour £60.00
Initial child consultations  1hr – 1hr 30minutes £60.00
Child Follow up appointments 30minutes £35.00

Acute Homeopathic consulatations £15.00

Reflexology Treatments 1 Hour  £45.00